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Sandra and Santiago Monticelli – World Class Dancers and Teachers

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Santiago has been a part of the Buenos Aires professional tango scene for the past 20 years.

With a modern jazz and contemporary dance background, he studied tango with some of the world’s finest masters including Pepito Avellaneda, Raul Bravo, Pupi Castello, Jorge Dispari, Norberto Guichandu, Nito and Elba and Carlos Perez, Sebastian Misse’ and Andrea Reyero and Mariachiara Michieli.

Santiago toured the world with some of Argentina’s most famous shows such as Tango Emoción (2004) directed by Mora Godoy, Tango x 2 (2005) directed by Miguel Angel Zotto, Fernández Fierro Orchestra (2003), Francisco Canaro Orchestra (2005), Los Reyes del Tango Orchestra (2008).
He also performed at the VIII International Festival Cultura Paiz in Guatemala (2004) and toured the UK with the ArtLATino company’s tango show Romance d’Carnaval (2006).
The tours included several countries such as China, Japan, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Greece, Italy and  Spain.
Between 1997 and 2010, he worked in the most prestigious   Theatrical Dinner-Shows in Buenos Aires, including Señor TangoLa VentanaMichelangeloTaconeandoCafé TortoniPiazzolla TangoEsquina Homero Manzi and Madero Tango.
During that period, he also taught at the “Escuela Argentina de Tango” and performed in several famous milongas such as “La Baldosa”, “El Beso” and “Salon Canning”, just to mention a few…
He also performed in musicals such Por las calles de Madrid (Teatro Astral, Buenos Aires) and Confesiones de Marilin (Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires).
He was a member of the contemporary dance company El escote directed by the renouned Argentinean choreographer Roxana Grinstein and performed in the  modern jazz dance company Danza Hoy, directed by the great dancer and master Adolfo Colque.
He was featured in a few TV programmes including, Canal 2 in the Señor Tango Show, Canal 26 Los grandes valores del tango (2005), BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing(2006), Por el Tango directed by Nolo Correa (2010), Too ugly to be loved? TLC (2015).
In 2010 he was a judge in the World Tango Championships in Argentina.
Between April and July 2011, Santiago and Sandra toured the UK in the show “Midnight Tango” (with Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, BBC’s stars of Strictly Come Dancing, Produced by Arlene Phillips and Adam Spiegel)
Sandra is an Italian, professional tango dancer with extensive teaching experience in Argentina and in Europe.
With an artistic gymnastics and ballet background, she devoted herself to the body conditioning for dance and the study of teaching techniques.

Sandra started her professional tango career in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the last decade, after having studied with some of the world’s finest dancers such as Gachi Fernandez, Milena Plebs, as well as Raul Bravo, Jorge Dispari, Nito and Elba, Carlos & Rosa Perez, Sebastian Misse’ and Andrea Reyero Sebastian and Mariachiara Michieli.
Throughout the years, she supplemented her tango dance training with courses in contemporary dance and modern jazz at the renouned Dance institute Gurquel-Lederer in Buenos Aires as well as with private tuition with professional jazz dancers from the West-End London Musicals’ scene.
Between 2006 and 2009 she ran the SantangoEstudio (Tango Academy, rehearsal space and B&B) in the heart of the tango neighbourhood of Almagro, Buenos


Assistant Director (2008) of the prestigious Theatrical Dinner-Show Esquina Homero Manzi, directed by the famous tango dancer and choreographer Gachi Fernandez, she continued to perform at private events around Argentina.
She tours in Europe (Italy, France, Spain) with Santiago to teach and perform the most traditional style of tango salonmilonga traspié and vals, as well as the more acrobatic and spectacular stage tango.
Since 2010, Sandra and Santiago have lived in London.
Having taught and performed in some of the most popular Milongas in London (such as Negracha, Carablanca, The Dome, etc..), they give regular lessons in Berkshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, where they run well attended Milongas every month.
They organize successful Tango Holidays  in the UK, Europe and Argentina, some of which in partnership with Club Free Spirit.
Guest dancers in the City of London Festival (2012 and 2013), Winter Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London (2014), Flipside Festival, UK (2015), Winter tango Festival, Hamburg (2017) Equator Festival, UK (2015, 2018), Tango FESTIVALITO, Annecy, France (2019), they teach and perform in private events and  Milongas in London and all over the UK.

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 Perform at the “City of London Festival”, Paternoster Square, July 2013

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